Monday, 27 January 2014

The Adventure has already started!

Pumping Iron, oh wait, it's a 47 pound bag!!!!!

I left O-Town(Ottawa) at 12:50pm on Saturday hoping to arrive in Brampton at 6:15pm. Things were running smoothly until we got to Brockville. It turns out that the train in front of ours broke down and we had to literally push the train with our train. This added around a 1 hour delay to my trip. The bad part was that my transfer train to Brampton was the last one out that night. I would end up missing that train and other arrangements would have to be made.

Upon arriving to T-Dot(Toronto) from O-Town I felt like my international travel had already begun. Union Station is the biggest train station in our country and I had no idea where to go as it was my first time there. The train attendant told me to go down the escalator and turn right towards the ticket booth. I got off the escalator and all I saw was a huge mass of people. 

I quickly went into my travel mode and found a Union station worker. Instead of taking the long way by stair case, the gentlemen took me to an elevator. I got into line at the ticket booth( at the bus terminal) and was told to go to the bus depot stop titled 46 Georgetown.  

So I proceeded where I was told to go(not knowing it was a good distance away). I ended up going to street level and having to walking across the street and down the way to bus depot 46. Backpack on, wheeled luggage bag in right hand and 47 pound luggage bag in my left hand, this was my 'Insanity' workout for the next few days. As I looked at the distance I had to travel I was like 'Good Enough, I got this.' Boy oh Boy, was I in for a TREAT. Did I ever have a workout and I quickly asked God to give me strength to get to 46 on time.

I ended up getting to the bus depot 46 on time with a few minutes to spare. Pounding back some water and some energy bars that my mom made( With Paula Nichol's recipe) I started to look around. I was in the heart of T-Dot where my LEAFS and RAPTORS play. Growing up in the Greater Toronto Area I started humming a song and it's definitely "cold when the airplanes land in the dot ohh."

The bus came and I put my luggage underneath and showed the bus driver my ticket from VIA rail and he said it wasn't valid even though his coworker told me to go there. Anyways, he just said hurry up and get on. Sweet, I was on a bus that I technically shouldn't of been on. I was looking out the windows, seeing the Air Canada Center, The Rogers Center, and of course the CN Tower. 

Anyways, when all was said and done I got to Brampton where my Grandparents were there waiting to pick me up. Swiss Chalet was great I tell ya ;)

I leave tonight at 6:30pm to continue my adventure!

Psalms 139:7 "Where can I go from your Spirit? Where can I flee from your presence?"

Even though I had an interesting start to my trip I look back at it and see that God was present through it all!! The Holy Spirit calmed me down when I could of very easily of broke down. The King of Majesty watching over me and his hand guiding me(verse 10)!!!

He is everywhere folks. We can't escape his Spirit or Presence. We can choose to ignore Him or choose to submit to Him. 

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  1. Wow, I am in awe of you Nathan, you've grown into an amazing young man. I remember the small shy boy way back there at Crossroads, and a little over a year ago I had the honor to meet this tall handsome sold out for Jesus young man that blew me away. You shared about missions and now on your way. Nathan may you continue to run hard after Jesus and let Him guide you. I pray your safety and wait to hear more exciting things from you young man. I certainly will be following this blog. God Bless.
    Marjorie B.


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